Getting back in the swing of things…

Being able to finally getting time to sit down with a cup of coffee and write a few words on this blog feels pretty dang good!  I knew before we parked our camper at home (our primary residence thats not on wheels 🙂 that our first few weeks were going to be a little hectic, and boy was I ever right! We have not had more than a day or two at most to just sit back and take it all in that we are actually “home”.


It honestly feels kind of weird being back in our hometown after being gone for so long. One thing you get used to on the road is not bumping into people you know everywhere you go. You can run your errands in your pjs as you rock your bed hair if you want and not have a care in the world because you most likely will not see the same face twice. Here, not so much as I quickly remembered. Note to self, at least brush your hair when going to the grocery store because you WILL see at least one person you know and they WILL stop you to catch up, especially on days when you look the worst! LOL

The best thing about being back is being in driving distance to our family! We have been taking advantage of being home and catching up with our loved ones. We finally were able to see our niece and nephew play their first year of t-ball! Watching 4-5 year olds hitting and catching soft balls is so entertaining and extremely cute! This is one thing that I have truly missed, is being there for times like these and they sure do love having us back!

But now that we are slowly getting the major to do’s marked off our list, I am hoping to have more days like today where i can sit back and take a few moments to let you know whats going on. In the next few weeks I will be writing about the rest of our trip from central California all the way to crossing into North Carolina territory again as well as our wedding coming up on June 11th! So stay tuned!


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