Our Newest Adventure – Kauai, Hi


We have been planning this trip for about 6 months now. Taking our time finding cheap plane tickets, to getting all the right gear narrowed down in our 50 liter carry on packs for our next adventure on the beautiful island of Kauai, Hawaii!

Our adventure started out at 4am EST with two flights, 12 hours of flying, and a 58 minute layover landing us in Kauai at about 3pm HST (about 8pm EST). From research and word of mouth we were told the landing strip on Kauai was very short and sometimes looks as if your not going to make it, so of course I prepare for the worst 🙂  To be honest when the pilot said prepare for landing, I was freaking out as I looked out the window expecting to see a large clump of land but instead all I saw was ocean! My heart was racing and just before the wheels touched down, I finally caught a glimpse of part of the runway and was immediately relieved! On top of a smooth flight, as we were landing, a humpback whale breached and gave us a very welcoming Aloha!



Lucas’ cousin Autumn picked us up from the Airport and drove us around the island a little bit, stopping at The Menehune pond lookout and around town. After a long day of flying we were ready to settle in at Autumn and her Husbands home. We are very thankful they are letting us shack up with them until we find our own Hale (house). We are so excited for our adventure here on the island and can’t wait to share more with you guys!

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