Hey you Guyyys!!


In 1985 Steven Spielberg possibly came out with one of the greatest films of all time! (At least in my books) I was always thrilled to sit with a bowl of popcorn and watch ‘The Goonies’ with my sisters. As a child it put us in adventure mode, who doesn’t want to find treasure! But now as a young adult, adventure still is a fascination, and finding out that the Goondocks home was still standing, well we just had to check it out!

As we left Washington I was SO excited to get to Astoria! On the few hour drive there I could not stop saying how excited I was, and as we kept inching closer my inner child was anxious to come out!  The drive across the bridge put instant butterflies in my tummy and i was on full alert to spot the house on the hill! We drove through the busy little town and parked the truck a few blocks down the road from the house. Doing research before we came, we knew that our chance of getting up close to the home would be very slim but we walked up the road and snapped a few pictures from afar. We did end up getting up the gravel road a bit, enough to get a glimpse of the front of the home but didn’t want to disturb the owners so we headed back down before we caught anyones attention. Just the site of the home brings back childhood memories and we were lucky enough to be that close to such an iconic piece of our generation.

We decided after viewing the Goondocks that we wanted to explore around town. It seemed like such a neat little place. (I say little but in-fact it was quite large!) We ran into a local who told us about the sea lions down on the docks (below the goonies house) who have taken over part of the docks and that the town has tried multiple times to “shew” them away but have not been successful. We went down there and watched them for about a half hour, jumping on and off the docks, growling at each other if one tried to take their spot. I could see how they could be a nuisance but for us just visiting, they were pretty dang cool! The closest we have been to a sea lion, and to see them in their natural habitat and not in an aquarium was just too awesome!

We hopped on the local trolley that took us up and down through town, for $2 you can get an all day pass to hop on and off as you please! We ventured off to the Maritime Museum and The Riverwalk Inn and stood in line at the “The Bowpicker Fish & Chips (best place to eat in Astoria according to Trip Advisor) a local told us that if theres a line outside then you know its open. (Its a seasonal food truck, or should i say boat!) Best tuna we have had, and was completely worth the hour wait. After we filled our bellies we hopped back on the trolly and headed to the truck to drive down the Oregon Coast. Highway 1 is such a beautiful drive twisting and turning alongside the ocean. We even stopped and walked to a sea cave and walked along a few of the beaches which was really awesome! Oregon has so much to offer! Beautiful coastline , tons of history for movie buffs, a beef jerky outlet (of course we stocked up), and home of Tilamook cheese!



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