Olympic National Park, WA


As we crossed over the Canadian border back into US territory, we gave a sigh of relief. It was so nice to be back in the states! Canada is very beautiful especially British Columbia but we were happy to see cheaper fuel prices and miles per hour vs the kilometers that they have posted.

Our first arrangement was hoping on a small ferry to get to Port Townsend, WA where we could begin our drive on highway 101 around Olympic National Park. The ferry saved us a 3 and a half hour drive and having to drive through Seattle so it was a win win!

We drove about an hour and decided to set up at a campground in Port Angeles to fill up on water, dump our tanks and most importantly take showers before we drove down the road any further. We stayed one night which was very productive, Lucas fixed a few things on the camper and tinkered with the truck as I reorganized a few things inside the camper and meal prepped for the next few days. Its always nice to stop at a campground and get things situated.

We spent 2 and a half days driving the Olympic National Park loop visiting Hoh Rain Forest, walking among moss covered trees in the Hall of Mosses , eating a picnic lunch at Lake Crescent which is a beautiful crystal blue transparent lake, ate dinner at Slaters Diner, a awesome little retro diner in the town of Raymond and Lexi even got out and explored a little with us! IMG_2655


We can now add Washington to our top favorite states, everything you look at is SO green, from the grass, the evergreens, even the trunks of the trees and rocks on the ground are covered in green moss! We already have plans to travel back and visit Mount Rainer and the North Cascades National Parks.

2 Replies to “Olympic National Park, WA”

  1. Hi! Carol from Ridgecrest RallyCross! So fun meeting you today and I love your blog! Just decompressing out of the wind this evening and took a peek….Wow….Homer and Seward AK are some of the most amazing places on earth and I am so excited to have met someone else who has visited there!

    All the best to you both and I hope to follow your travels!


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