On the Road Again!


At this point we have traveled 3 days, approximately 1,500 miles and have gone through $280 in fuel. Not to bad! We woke up fairly early and the road around 8:30am. During our trip today we start to see American flags at almost every house that we passed on the road. Minnesota sure does show their American pride! We also filled the truck at a all time low for us at $2.59 a gallon for diesel. We later find another Walmart as we crossed over into North Dakota and woke up to rain. We did get new windshield wipers though so thats a plus. We also found big bottles of apple juice for $1.00 each so of course we had to stock up on those. So after some new windshield wipers and about 30lbs of apple juice added in our camper we hit the road once more and head towards Montana.

Day 4 marks our halfway point to Alaska. No turning back now! After 4 days of continuous driving we decide to stay in our first campground. Our hot water heater in the camper decided not to work, so the idea of taking our first hot shower after 3 entire days sounded wonderful! We call ahead to the campground that we found in our Passport America book which saved us 50% off our site. We book it and finally arrive around 8:00pm. The lady was very friendly and got us settled in in no time. She suggested us try this little mom and pops pizza place  and of course we take her up on that as we are always down for some good local food. To our surprise the Nacho Pizza that we ordered was amazing!

After a long night of cleaning the camper and enjoying our hot showers we finally lay down and enjoy some R&R — rest and relaxation. As we wake up in the morning, I notice water coming out from under the fridge — our first water leak! Lucas scrambles to get the tools and reach way back to fix it, bus was unable to do so. We pack up everything and head towards Great Falls, Montana (which is the biggest, closest city to where we are and on our way to Shelby) to hopefully find a RV service center. Needless to say once we got there we had no luck at all finding someone available to fix our leak. Everyone was at least 2 weeks out and we could not wait that long. After calling around and getting nothing but bad news we make a judgment call and kept heading towards Alaska in hopes to find a place on the way to fix our problem.

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