Day 2:


After spending our first night on the road we hit the pavement again. We made our way from Indiana to Wisconsin in about 10 1/2 hours, only stopping for fuel and to make ourselves lunch. (Can you tell that we are extremely excited to get to Alaska!) About halfway into our day we hit rush hour in Chicago! Great planning on my part ( sorry Lucas!) Very thankful that I did not have to drive through this HUGE city at 5:30pm. Chicago is nice and all, but way to busy and congested for Lucas and I.

As we made our way into Wisconsin the terrain changed tremendously. All the mountains starting rolling into fields and farms. A completely different change in scenery from where we began in North Carolina. As the night gets darker, we finally decide to turn off the highway and find a little safe place to call it a night. Little to our knowledge, we find a “honey of a hole” — the perfect spot!

On our journey we like to find McDonalds so we can bum some wifi to research our next stops, update Facebook, ect. (without burning through our cell data.) So we find a McDonalds off the exit and in the rear parking lot ended up being a truck/RV parking area. Perfect for our setup. Well we park, get settled in and decided to take a walk down the street to find some warm food. (anything that I did not have to make was fine by me!) The gas station next door had the only food available (9:30pm, and McDonalds isn’t really our favorite place to eat) Gas station Cafe it was. We walk in and to our surprise there was a full restaurant in the store, and a grocery/produce store attached to it too. We couldn’t have found a better place to stay that night. Free wife, a great home cooked meal and we stocked up on fresh fruits and veggies. Our hearts and bellies were full for the night.

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