Getting Across the Border


We finally make it to the Canadian Border! What a unbelievable moment. 5 days, 2,100 miles and $430 in fuel, who would of thought this moment would actually be here.

From all the research we did before we left, I’m pretty sure we were OVER prepared. Not even two minutes and a few questions later and we were on our way. From the get go things start changing pretty suddenly. Miles per hour turned into kilometers per hour, gallons of gas were in liters and everything was expensive. $68 for 68 liters of fuel.

We make our way to Banff National Park (using our Atlas, since our GPS stopped giving us directions.) As the sun starts to slowly go down we pull over at a campground off the side of the road. We get out and ask the lady about nightly rates and the weather forecast for the night (it had just begun to rain/snow) She tells us its supposed to get down to -5 degrees. We both were really questionable about it getting down that low since it was May. We decided to move on to the next campground or possibly try to find a McDonalds to park overnight. -5 degrees seemed very unrealistic to us and we both thought she was saying that to get us to hurry up and park in there for the night. Little did we know, until the next morning it FINALLY dawned on us that she meant -5 degrees C not F. We both felt like big idiots! On the upside though, we did find a McDonalds with free wifi and were able to FaceTime family for the first time since we left the USA. You do not realize how much you utilize your phone service and internet capabilities until you no longer can use either one. So at this point, as we travel through a foreign country we are using our atlas to guide us through and we are relying on wifi to contact family and friends whenever we get a change. Things sure have changed for us both since we hit the road just 5 days ago!

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