Canada <3

IMG_2633 © Copyright 2015 Cynthia Ryon
© Copyright 2015 Cynthia Ryon

Canada has been by far the most beautiful place we have been on our trip. As we enter Banff National Park, gas stations are becoming less and less available and more expensive. At 9:15am we head to our next destination — Lake Louise. It is just as beautiful as everyone said it would be. Although majority of it was still frozen over we were still in awe of its beauty. Throughout the park, as we headed North we started to see tons of wildlife. We stopped at a herd of 23 elk and also managed to see 2 black bear. As our second day in Canada starts to go by, we see a little different side of Canada. Outside the city all the way through Banff, you get to the deep outdoors. There are tons of campers and travel trailers just pulled off to the side of the road camping and four wheeling. At least 15-20 families spending their time out where their is no service and just enjoying each others company. It was nice to see that side of Canada. Canada has been filled with incredibly nice and helpful people.

As the night gets closer we get to Grand Praire and find a Wal-Mart to park the truck and trailer. Here we found for the first time that Wal-Marts in Canada have wifi! We were able to contact family and let them know where we were and how far we had made it.

IMG_2848 © Copyright 2015 Cynthia Ryon
© Copyright 2015 Cynthia Ryon

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