Today is THE DAY!


Excitement has really set in and we both can not begin to describe the joy and fear we feel as we begin this, hopefully, incredible journey! Well for those who do not know, we are making our way to the Last Frontier, yes, Alaska! We packed up everything and took what we could in our 21 ft travel trailer. We have had so many people ask why Alaska? We both look at each other and think to ourselves why not? Alaska is so far away from everything we have ever known. We have both come to a point in our lives where we just want to sit back and figure out life and all it has to offer. Alaska has always been a dream of ours and what better place to reunite with yourself then being in the “Happiest state in America” right? After months of planning and weeks of packing, here we are, the two of us, our dog Scout and our cat Lexi huddled all together in the truck embarking on the adventure of a lifetime. Well, not even ten minutes down the road, we encounter our first issue! Our GPS did not route all the way to Alaska. Yay us for not even thinking about checking our GPS BEFORE we left the house. So here I am scrambling around trying to find the farthest destination the GPS would take us before we have to go old school and rely on our trusty atlas and countless times pulling over for more detailed directions and information. “Shelby, Montana!” After about 30 minutes of research online (thankfully we had the wifi on our cell phones), I finally found a town that would get us close enough to the Canadian border where we felt comfortable enough to switch over to our paper maps. So I type in Shelby, Montana in and Walah! We have our first “destination.” 2,300 miles, 39 hours and we would be in Shelby, Montana. “We got this!” 10 1/2 hours into our first day of driving and we finally decide to call it a night. We found a Wal-Mart parking lot (a overnight RVrs best friend) in Indianapolis, Indiana and settled in for a good night’s rest.

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