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Lucas and I are both 27 he has his Automotive and Outdoor Leadership degrees. Enjoys hiking, four wheeler riding, traveling, driving, shooting, and fishing!  I have my degree in Advertising and Graphic Design, I love typography and laying out any kind of print material (magazines, newspaper, brochures… basically anything with pictures and words) Traveling has always been a love that we both have had, but until now we have always been held down by college or 9-5 jobs to where we could not venture for long periods of time. At the beginning of May we left it all and hit the road with our dog Scout, and our cat Lexi. We packed up everything into our 21ft travel trailer and are now heading to Alaska for a year, as for what travels lie ahead, only the road can tell.

Lexi – I am a 4 year old Calico cat, although I act like I’m 16. Im a mama and daddys girl. I love to hide in small random spaces where my parents can’t find me, love fresh air and love to run as fast as i can around the house when i think no one is watching.


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