A Whirlwind Trip to Bali, Indonesia

Visiting the Rocky Temple with our new friends!

After finishing up our 6 weeks in Thailand we were ecstatic to finally hop on a plane and make our way to Bali, Indonesia. We had a late night flight scheduled from Bangkok to Bali with a layover in Singapore. We arrived at the airport, bags and passports in hand, waiting our turn to get through security. All we could think was how amazing Bali was going to be and that in just a few hours we would finally be able to explore the long awaited island of Bali.

Our first flight went smoothly, and we landed in Singapore with zero hiccups. We waited in the airport for our 4 hour layover, and I was able to get caught up on some much needed sleep while Lucas got caught up on his game he’s been playing on his iPad.  With just 30 minutes left before our departure, Lucas noticed a “retiming” message popped up on the screen for our flight. Not just a few hours, but a 10 hour delay! As we had already been waiting 4 hours sitting here and to add another 10 hours on top of that, it completely fueled our energy and we were up and at em to find out what was going on. After waiting at the service desk with all the other passengers someone finally showed up about an hour and a half later to tell us the pilot was sick and they had to postpone our flight until another pilot could take his place. They loaded us all up in Taxi’s and treated us to a 5 star hotel with free meals. Although it took a day off our time in Bali, we actually really enjoyed our extra time in Singapore, thanks Jetstar! 🙂

As we arrived late in the night in Bali, we made our way up to our accommodation in Ubud, about an hour ride in a taxi. We were ready to settle in for the night and as we unloaded our luggage from the taxi we had big smiles on our face as we thought we had finally made it to our destination! But as we quickly found out they had overbooked the rooms and “accidentally” sold one of our beds that we pre-booked weeks in advance, we even let them know earlier that day we would be arriving late as our flight was delayed. The only thing the receptionist said we could do was to snuggle up in one of the beds that was left (a single twin sized dorm bed!) We chuckled and asked him to find us another option. After standing there waiting for him to find us something he finally called another hostel and found us a room. Even though the one he found did not have a pool or breakfast, it was still the same price and it gave us a roof over our head for the night. Our trip to Bali was slowly becoming one for the books as we have not had this many issues come up right after another. We were not fond of the hostel they moved us to but unfortunately there were not any options as 99% of the hostels were booked or over our budget. So we made a decision to stick out our time in Ubud (3 days) at this hostel situated above a loud, popular bar. The only plus to this hostel was it was in walking distance to everything and of course the free music from the karaoke-ers every night! 🙂


With only a short few days in Ubud we decided to book a tour of all the historic sites instead of doing them on our own as it would save us a lot of time and headache. There is actually a bunch of neat things to see in Ubud. The Tegalalang Rice Terraces are really something to see, a bit touristy but still an amazing view of the rice terraces! We also visited The Holy Spring water temple where we witnessed people showering in these spouts which they believe will cleanse the bad spirits away, provide prosperity, and purify their body and soul.



Along with the Holy Spring water temple we also stopped by the Gunung Kawi, also known as the “Rocky Temple.” This was my favorite thing we saw in Ubud, it was truly a very unique piece of history. From the moment we entered the 11th century complex we were completely overwhelmed by the beauty of the shrines that were carved into the side of the rock face. The whole complex was absolutely breathtaking as you get taken back into time. We left there speechless and in awe!

Other stops during our day tour of Ubud included the Tegenungan waterfall, a lookout of Mount Batur Volcano and free tea and coffee samples at Luwak Coffee Farm. We throughly enjoyed our day and saw so much in 12 hours!


Our next stop after Ubud was Nusa Lembongan! After a taxi to Sanur and a speed boat ferry across the water we landed on the beautiful island off the south- east coast of Bali!

The speed boats we had to wade in the ocean too! 🙂

This time we again had pre-booked accommodation and were crossing our fingers it would be much better than our hostel in Ubud. We were thrilled when we were greeted with the warmest welcome, and to our surprise our homestay was immaculate and had everything we needed for a wonderful stay. We instantly wished we had stayed our entire trip here, but then again we would have missed out on the sites of Ubud.


Our 3 days on the island went by way to fast as we spent our days snorkeling around Mangrove Point, driving our rented scooter around the island and feasting on fresh cooked fish in restaurants overlooking the crystal clear sea!



Before we went to Bali, we always heard wonderful things about it, but now that we have experienced it for ourselves we cannot agree more! Ubud was quite nice for the history and cultural sites but Nusa Lembongan was the perfect ending to our stay in Bali!


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