Our Final Days in Ho Chi Minh City


After spending a whole day walking around the city, we began to get accustomed to all the traffic, sidewalks were crowed with vietnamese people offering to sell you anything and everything, asking if we want a taxi, sunglasses, magnets ect. We learned very quickly to just keep walking and not make any eye contact. Instead of staying to the main streets we also learned that some of the best tasting and cheapest options for food are down the alleys. We found a wonderful breakfast nook where we went during the mornings to grab breakfast and coffee with milk for just 90,000 VND ($3.96) for the both of us. As a coffee drinker, I instantly fell in love with vietnamese coffee so we came back each morning to have a coffee and grab some breakfast.


While walking around the city we also found out that going directly to the source for bus tickets and for tour tickets is the best way to get the cheapest price. We found a company called The Sinh Tourist who we booked open bus tickets through which are bus tickets that go to our destinations and we can hop on and off when we wanted to. We bought 5 bus tickets (Ho Chi Minh > Dalat > Nah Trang > Hoi An > Hue > Hanoi) for $37 USD each and as long as we use them within a one month time then we are good to go! After pricing around tours in Ho Chi Minh we found this same company the cheapest so we also purchased a tour to go on the Mekong Delta River for only $17 USD for us both for a full day which included transportation to the river, a motorboat ride up the river, lunch which included Mekong river fish, tasted coconut candy and saw the process of how to make it, also got to try some fresh fruit and see a local band! It was defiantly a steal of a deal as Lucas would say! Lucas even took a shot of “snake wine” which he said tasted like vodka or ever clear. All in all the tour was about 9hrs total.



Next up was the Chu Chi tunnels tour which i didn’t do because i’m deathly afraid of small/tight spaces. It was only a half day about 6hrs total and set us back about $10 USD total after entrance fee and tour cost. These tunnels were built during the American war by hand, which is mind blowing! As you can see in the pictures there wasn’t nearly enough room to standup in the tunnels. Lucas of course did the longest tunnel at 60 meters long. He had a guide the entire time and got to try a plant that was much like a potato and some really nice tea. After that we had the option to shoot an Ak47 but they wanted 50k VND per round of ammo plus it was only semi automatic, boo. Lastly he watched a short movie about the war which he felt was very one sided and made him feel a little uncomfortable blaming the U.S. government for killing innocents. Loading up in the bus with the long drive back and nobody that could speak english got him thinking of war and what comes with it…

After finally securing our transportation we walked around a little more stumbling across the Saigon Central Market where we found tons of really cheap food. We tried a thing or two from a few of the vendors and all of it was amazing. After our bellies were content Lucas headed off for his tour of the Chu Chi Tunnels. Tunnels are not my thing so I opted for a $2 pedicure and blog time instead 🙂


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