The anticipated drive to Homer Alaska



Living right in-between Kenai and Homer Alaska has given us plenty to do to keep us occupied so far. Having the option to drive to either one on a given day gives us a great 40 minute drive along the side skirts of Cook’s Inlet on the Sterling Highway which gives us a great view of the Ocean.

We ventured down to Homer a few different times so far. It is absolutely beautiful! There is a hill you drive up right before you cross over into the town. As you hit the top of hill you are welcomed by a fantastic view of the Homer Spit (a 4.5 mile long piece of land that spurs out into the Kachemak Bay) with a breathtaking line of a snow covered mountain range in the background. The drive is worth that initial view alone.


One of the things on our Alaska list of things to do was to see Beluga whales. Although they were pretty far out we did end up spotting them at the end of the Spit earlier in November. We both were in awe at how large they were even from that far away. We endured the cold and stood out there for the a couple hours and watched as the jumped out of the sea water and dove back under as though they were giving us our own private show.

Another first that we crossed off our list was to go Ice Skating! What a great thing to get out of the house and do! We both were all smiles the whole time. It was like a circus act trying to balance on the blades, but we made it work and actually were getting pretty good at it before they closed up for the day. All the younger kids were so cute, skating circles around us and pushing chairs across the floor to help with their balance while on the slippery floor.

Homer is such a wonderful town if you ever get the time to make the drive. There are plenty of things to do for a full day trip or if you have a few days to spare, you would still have no shortage of things to do to keep you busy. I have a feeling we will be spending a lot of time down in Homer this winter. IMG_4993


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