Taking the path less traveled…




Being in Alaska has taught us both so many new things about each other, ourselves and life in general. Alaska is such a huge, amazing, peaceful place that puts you in awe everywhere you turn.

This past week we took a few days and went into the backcountry lands of Alaska. There is a little community just north of Healy, with the name of Ferry. In order to get to Ferry, you must do one of two things to get across the Nenana River. One, you could wait until winter when the river freezes over. Or, two, you could take a atv across the narrow walkway on the side of the train tracks. (You will have to see the picture below to get a closer look at how sketchy it really is.)

We slowly made our way across the bridge, scrubbing our tires on both sides of the walkway all the way through to the end. The town of Ferry has a population of around 30 people. Even though we only saw maybe 4 people the entire 4 days. It is amazing to me that people are absolutely fine and happy living secluded and fully self sufficient. It truly gives us both a different perspective on life.

We drove about 100 miles total during the 2 days out there and only returned because we were running low on fuel for the four wheeler.  We stumbled across a few different beaver dams that were crystal clear, an old dredge that was buried in the woods, and a ton of riding trails that kept us completely content and busy exploring the entire time.

As it started getting late we found a spot to set up camp for the night. Settling for a  spot on the ridge with a 360 degree view, yes please!

The next morning after we ate and slowly packed up our gear we headed on the trails for some more exploring for the rest of the day.

Getting to spend some much needed quality time together, away from the every day hustle and bustle was just what we both needed. Sometimes we need a reminder to show us how small we actually are, thank you Ferry giving us that reminder and for  reminding us how incredibly lucky we are to be traveling in this beautiful part of the world.




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