3 day Weekend Getaway

Sportsman Glacier View © Lucas Freimuth

For a week we had spent our free time planning what our 3 day weekend would consist of. At first we had plans to go to Chena Hot Springs and just relax while we also had thoughts of finding an abandoned town or mine to explore but we were not very successful in that mission. As time was narrowing down and we were running out of ideas Lucas finds something he wants to buy down in Wasilla, Ak and says that the guy we were buying it from (Ken) offered for us to go four wheeling with him and his buddies to an old B-29 crash that happened in 1957. We were not going to turn that down, so low and behold we pack our bags and head on the road. Wasilla was a little farther than what we had originally planned on driving during on days off but it ended up being a great drive and well worth it.

Our first night we stopped around 2am and just slept in the truck, as we both were to exhausted to set up tent. Surprisingly the truck was pretty dang comfortable! When morning came we started driving the hour we had left till we hit Wasilla. We arrived early so we could find somewhere to eat breakfast, go figure we find a IHOP 🙂 One of our favorites! Anyway, we met up with Ken and his buddies and hit the trail. What a great adventure they showed us, everyone was good sports and the ride went fairly smooth there and back.

Our second night we found a campground on the outskirts of Wasilla and pitched up tent. Sadly the campground was run down , overgrown and had no running water. Which was fine, but after 2 days of not showering we were a little disappointed. Lucas decides to jump in the lake and wash before he went to bed and talked me into it too. The water was very cold and after about 15 minutes of chickening out i jump in, only to immediately try to jump right back out. I sink about 3 feet in mud that was at the bottom of the lake, safe to say i did not jump back in. I ended up showering with a gallon of water instead. I was scared for life, literally! (I left that lake with a good size wound on my elbow from trying to get on the dock after jumping in and back out) We did both sleep good though.

The next day, we spent time pawn shopping and bouncing around to all the thrift stores (another one of our favorite things to do) We scored a few great deals, including a $200 tent that we picked up for $5. Now we no longer have to borrow our bosses tent when we go camping.

One of the things on our to do list down in Wasilla was to see the new Jurassic World, which we have both been dying to see. It was such a great movie which got topped off with a root beer float from A&W.

Our 3 day weekend getaway was perfect in every way. It was nice to spend time with each other and explore a new town together with help from a few new friends on the way.

Jeep'n Alaska 2 © Cynthia Ryon 2015 Lucas and I © Cynthia Ryon 2015

77 Ford Bronco © Cynthia Ryon 2015 77 Ford Bronco on Trail © Cynthia Ryon 2015

Jeep'n Alaska © Cynthia Ryon 2015 Jeep'n Alaska Water Hole © Cynthia Ryon 2015

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