Helicopter Glacier Landing In Denali National Park!!!

IMG_2851 © 2015 lucas freimuth

Doug Hagle (manager at Denali Tundra Tours as well as a good friend) and myself (Lucas Freimuth) pulled into the parking lot of ERA helicopter tours on May 27th, 2015 hoping to get a spot on their 2hr glacier landing tour! The company was scheduled to take their whole fleet of helicopters (3 to be exact). We went through the safety briefing video and laced up our snow boots they loaned us, which enabled us to have good footing and grip on the slippery ice. Everyone had to leave any purses and\or backpacks behind due to safety reasons, which was weird for me not having my “go bag” (3 day survival bag) that i carry everywhere. The helicopters swooped in one after another, seeming to come out of no where. I had only been on one other helicopter with my families long-time friends the Vanderwouldes. This one was bigger but also much louder! Although Doug and i were unable to fly together because of weight restrictions he was able to fly in a different helicopter. He had been waiting for several years to get an opportunity like this one to do a tour with ERA. We took off after meeting with the pilots which were much younger than you would expect an experienced pilot to be (30ish years old). The ride was very smooth to the glacier which was roughly 100 miles out. Nothing but beautiful greenery, white snow peak mountains, and tons of lakes\streams below! The pilot landed us about 25 feet from a sizable glacial lake (about 100 square feet) which was super cold and as blue as the deep blue ocean! On our flight back we went a little different way and got to check out some Dall Sheep which were up high in the mountains for breeding (first and only wildlife of the tour). Overall the tour went very well and was well worth the money! Hope to do it again with my one true love (Cynthia Ryon). 🙂

P.S.- Terra Hagle has helped Cynthia and i get onto some great trips since we’ve been here. She has done so much for us over the past few weeks and we can’t thank her enough! THANKS

IMG_2850 © 2015 lucas freimuth

IMG_2847 © 2015 lucas freimuth

IMG_2839 © 2015 lucas freimuth

IMG_2844 © 2015 lucas freimuth

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