© Copyright 2015 Cynthia Ryon
© Copyright 2015 Cynthia Ryon

We finally made it! 9 days on the road and we are finally here! Relief and excitement overcome both of us as we make it all this way without hardly any hassle at all, and only a few days until we start our job. As we make our way through the border and hit the road going towards Fairbanks we stop at the end of the Alaskan Highway in (Tok, Ak) we take a couple pictures and grab us a bite to eat at a local burger joint. People drive up on their four wheelers and get food to go while groups of families come and gather for ice cream sundaes and chat for a while while their kids play in the large field next to the tables outside. As we finish up eating we hop into the truck and try to figure out where we want to park for the night. On the side of the highway we spot a campground to our left, so we pull in not realizing it was 10pm since it was still very light outside. Luckily the owner was still out and about and came right over to offer us assistance. We let our dog Scout out to run and play with his black lab (I’m sure Scout was ready to see another friendly face to play with) The owner was very nice and gave us a Good Sam discount and walked us down to show us our spot and get us settled in. Our second campground in 9 days. Here we start to figure out just how bad the mosquitos really are here in Alaska, they were everywhere! As the night progresses we slowly start to tinker with the camper a little bit… and by little i mean we took out the entire stove and made way to under the fridge to see if we could reach the leak that we found a few days prior. Sadly we were unable to get our hands to where it was coming from so we gave up and went to bed. The next morning we walk up to the office to get some further directions and to see if he knew any RV service places that would be able to get our camper in. Luckily he knew of just the place and even called ahead for us and reserved us a spot. Fairbanks here we come!  We make it to Arctic RV, where we would eventually come to find out that the guy working there at the front desk was from Asheville, NC (about a hour from where we are from). What are the odds! Our first main stop in Alaska and we meet someone from our neck of the woods. They got our camper in and in no time we were ready to go. We stayed and talked to him for a while and he gave us some great pointers and suggestions for our trip. The guy working on our camper noticed our four wheeler in the back of the truck and offered to show Lucas and I some trails in the area. Of course Lucas was down to go! I stayed behind to get some grocery shopping done for the next month or so since we would not be anywhere near a grocery store for awhile! Lucas had a absolute blast getting to go out in the backcountry for the first time since we left. Me, well I got the camper completely stocked up with everything we would need for at least a month or so until we could make it back to Fairbanks. Needless to say Alaska has been awesome and we have only been here two days! As we finish up our running around in Fairbanks we make our way South to Healy, Ak. Our final destination. When we get there we are greeted by our Managers and a couple employees that beat us to the homestead. Everyone was very welcoming and excited to finally meet us. We finally made it “home” to where we will be staying for the next 4-5 months!

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