Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center

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As we slowly make our way from Healy to Ninilchik Alaska to settle in  for winter time, we decided to make a little pit stop along the way to visit the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center in Girdwood, Alaska.

Spending our summer months working in Denali let us have the opportunity to meet a lot of new faces. A majority of the travelers that we met said the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center was a must see, so we had to check it out for ourselves.

The Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center is a nonprofit organization that helps preserve Alaska’s wildlife and provides care and safe enclosures to get them back up to health and back into the wild. You can learn more about them here:


Coming to Alaska, most people have a list of animals they want to see before leaving to go back home. After all Alaska has some of the largest animals in North America (like the Wood Bison). Our list is pretty extensive, and after today we can happily say there are only two that we have not crossed off our list! 🙂 After spending 5 months in Denali we saw a lot of different animals and birds (bull moose, black and brown bear, caribou, owl, golden and bald eagles, red fox, porcupine and a bunch more) but the conservation center allowed us to see a lot of the animals we did not have the chance to see, like the Lynx and Musk Ox. For those who are wondering the two we have not laid eyes on are a polar bear and a wolverine.

The Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center is a must if you visit Alaska and if you can’t, please visit there website they are always adding new photos of the animals and new blog posts about upcoming events and exciting news happening at the center.

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Denali National Park and Preserve


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4 months ago we arrived in Healy, AK, which is about 20 miles north of Denali National Park entrance. It was unintentional, as our job placed us here. But how we became so lucky to spend the first part of our trip to Alaska near such a beautiful park is beyond me. We were definitely not going to take this opportunity for granted. 

Denali NP & Preserve is about 6 million acres of preserved wilderness. Yep! 6 million acres! The 3rd largest national park in the US.  And within the park is Denali (The High One) which stands 20,310 ft tall (also known as Mount McKinley). One more park to mark off our list.

In our spare days off we spent time in Denali NP hiking multiple trails and taking the 12 hour round trip bus on the only road that goes 92 miles into the heart of the park to Kantishna, an old gold mining camp. Unfortunately we did not get the chance to go backcountry camping within the park, but the option is there for fellow travelers who have the time.

Denali NP is one of Alaska most famous attractions and if you ever get to this area it is a must to stop in a few times and take your time exploring.

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